The Enemies Against The Development Of Upper East Music

    The records have been set straight and it will be sheer ignorance to say the Upper East Region does no have a music industry. But wait a minute! How on Earth could people make such a claim without recourse to persons well-informed about music in the region and the status quo? So, under what industry do all the artistes in the region, talking of Navrongo, Bolgatanga, Sandema, Bawku, Bongo, etc operate? Agriculture industry, I suppose.

    The internal bickering in the music industry has always been a major conundrum to its progress. With artistes engaging in unnecessary fights, peddling falsehoods against one another, failing to work together, and downplaying the artistry of one another while maintaining the highest level of diplomatic hypocrisy, darkness is all that it is that can be seen at the end of the tunnel.

    Then we have sectionalism, another devil of the music industry. Is the industry not already facing a big enough problem of a language barrier until sectionalism is added? We speak of Bolga Music, Navrongo Music, Bawku Music, and what have you. The impression is boldly printed: no one is concerned about Upper East Music. To make worse the situation, the division is further entrenched in hood cliques. You can talk of Kotokoli Zongo for Showbowy, Voice of Zongo for Tawulaaru and Ratty Bangarang, Ash Town Movement (ATM) for Mr Kay, the Westsiders, etc. There is also the problem of too many fan armies; more divisions. The number of fan armies in the industry is way outrageous. Do we need to brand our fan armies too? Why not just have a fan base? Is it really that necessary to almost have your fans registered as Rockcitizens, Barkan Bork3 Natives, Tilakou Soldiers, Zarifans, TSK, and so on? The implication therein is that when it’s not Rockcity, then Rockcitizens won’t support. The same goes for the other artistes and their fan armies. How about the development of something like Fans of Upper East Music?

    The proliferation of foreign content might just be the biggest of all the enemies. We are in the Upper East Region yet we do not get to listen to Upper East Music – a rather sad development. Tune to a radio station in the region and chances are you will be listening to foreign music. Foreign here refers to music not composed in any local language in the region or music not composed by an artiste who is based in the region. Then we ask about the relevance of the DJs and presenters in the region. It’s a shame though, but not everyone has shame; some people are utterly shameless. Artistes literally beg radio persons to play their songs on air or grant them interviews. Even worse, some radio persons charge these struggling artistes before granting them interviews or playing their songs on air. It’s a shame. We also know of the sycophants. They play your songs when they are aware you are tuned in so they can please you and get into your good books, leverage for a favour in future. Pathetic!!

    Finally, favouritism or partiality is the last guy of a devil in the music industry in the region. People in a position to select artistes to represent the region in any development would shamelessly pick to favour their selfish interests rather than the interest of the industry. Until all this is done away with, the industry will continue on the rocky path of progress. How many times were deserving artistes not considered by people who were contacted to bill artistes on major shows in the region? You put your selfish interest ahead of the development of the industry and expect the industry to grow! The last time I checked, hypocrisy never developed anything but failure and destruction.

    And there you have them: the enemies of the progress of the Upper East Music Industry. If you know, you know. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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