Record Labels in the Upper East Region Music Industry

Record labels are companies that market recorded music and corresponding videos. They engage in a wide range of functions in the music industry, including new artist recruitment and development (known as A&R, which stands for artist and repertoire), music publishing, and copyright enforcement – HEATHER MCDONALD.

One of a record label’s most important functions is Marketing. They need to make the public aware of their brand and associated artists. Making their brand and signed artists popular is the surest way of making money as a record label. brings to you the record labels in the Upper East Music Industry.

Savannah Records – Navrongo-based record label, Savannah Records was formed in September 2014. The label is currently associated with the acts of Alapta Wan, Nelo, Xylene, Possible, KobbyBeats(producer) and Dj Maclean. Nelson Kampeh is the manager of Savannah Records at the moment.

BBT – BBT is a giant record label in the industry not by size but influence. With the biggest artist in the region on it, BBT’s recognition transcends regional boundaries. Soorebia is the sole artiste on BBT at the moment. Meanwhile, Azkonabeats is signed on the label as a record producer. Joe Bilbod Nyaaba, is the manager of this record label.

Westside Entertainment – This is one of the most popular record labels in the industry. The label has been in existence for more than half a decade. The record label’s associated acts include Skery Sparta, Nambawan, Zarious, and Destiny Official. Sir West Gee ( Mr West) is the manager of Westside Entertainment.

Extreme Empire – Yet another vibrant record label is Extreme Empire. The label’s recent major activity has been the promotion of their main act, ChrisBerry, who recently released her debut EP, My Time. Also signed on the label is Sazy, a prodigy who began exhibiting his artistic prowess back at his Senior High School (BigBoss ).

FireBlaze Music – One of the earliest record labels in the region is Fireblaze Music. This label once had a tall list of artistes signed on it. However, Fireblaze Music at the moment has no signed act after parting ways with their most recent signee, YM, under serendipitous circumstances. The record label is managed by the legendary Fireblaze Evans.

Avinash Entertainment – Talk of the earliest record labels in the region and Avinash Entertainment comes to mind. The record label some years back had the likes of DonMax, now Tilakou, Lyrix Abisah, C.Dreezy, Tipok, and HotK Manla as its signed artistes but the story is different now. The label is owned and managed by Avinash.

Down-Town Records – Also popular in the music industry at the moment is Down-Town Records. Down-Town records is based in Bolgatanga, the region’s capital and has some great acts signed onto it. At the moment, Cypid is the biggest act on the label and with him is Starkhid Xikolo. Down-Town records is managed by Roy Lambert.

Bone Dee Entertainment – Bone Dee entertainment has been in the music scene for a very long time. It was formerly Bone Dee Records, a recording studio owned by Bone Dee. Now a record Label, BoneDee Entertainment first signee is ShowBoy who is currently the only signed artist on the label. The label is currently managed by Bone Dada I. Danladi.

Young Life Music– This label is currently based in Bawku but works with acts regionwide. Major artists on this label include Tawulaaru, Fataw Weezy, and Nab Beely. The label is under the management of Abanga Tahiru.

Massive Mix Corporation(MMC) – MMC came off the back of the J-Claks – Avinash Entertainment joint label formed some years back. MMC is now a standalone record label managed by Johnbosco Kuutsema Davir . Signed on this label are Ayinebia and AmenEast Gospel.

Up Records – Talking of Up Records, it is based in Navrongo and is very vibrant with some great associated acts. The big names on this label at the moment include Killmore and Tee Kay. Castro Afabla is currently the manager of Up Records.

Bozawi Entertainment – This label started way back in the days of Xbabados and is still active in the business. Signed on this label are Ginseng and Xbabados. The label is managed by Bozawi.

Alfa Records – Alfa Records is currently faring well with their biggest act receiving the most of attention at the moment. Ratty Bangarang is the frontline artist of this record label which is managed by Manager Brown. Ratty Bangarang is on the label with a said female artist.

Wild Up Entertainment – This is also based in Navrongo. The label is fast-growing and currently has CP signed on it. Wild Up Entertainment at the moment is managed by Pe Bu.

The Rockcity Empire – The Rockcity Empire came into the music scene not too long ago and has been vibrant ever since it was established. The label is currently under the management of DJ Aluther and has Rockcity, a group comprising Rockcity Kurt, Rockcity Kruukeka, Rockcity Joe Mills and Rockcity Teers , as the main act. The label has signed only Rockcity but has plans of signing more talents in the near future.

Bakan Bork3 Music – The record label can boast of one of the biggest artistes in the region, B-Wayne. As the only artist on the label, proper attention is given to B-Wayne by his manager, Roger Laari, CEO of MOAB Properties.

2Peece Records – Managed by one Abraham, this record label is recognised in the industry. Over the years, the label has shaped the carrier of its sole artiste, Prinx Pumi, who in recent times launched his debut album, The Heritage.

Ras Wormz Entertainment – Another record label that is also doing well is Ras Wormz Entertainment. Currently, Ras Wormz is the only signed artist on the record label.

Force Music – Founded by record producer, EilBeats, Force Music has contributed to the development of many budding artists in the industry. According to the manager of the label, EilBeats, there are currently three artistes signed on it: Jeed Boy, Baddest Reigns, and Milly-Bard.

This list may not be conclusive and is open to criticism. Perhaps, there are other record labels which we are not aware of and did not include them in this writeup. Kindly furnish us with any information to this effect.

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