This guy, no doubt, does not like Cypid and you don’t need explanations to know that. As you begin to make progress in your endeavors as a human being, you should know that not everyone will be happy to see you advance. Most people will make efforts to retard your progress while a few others will be there to inspire you. You must appreciate these few ones and cherished them for they are your true friends.

Cypid has been working hard to achieve a successful music career and to project music from the Upper East Region. Not only has he released many great tunes for music fanatics in the region but also he has supported other artistes through features. He’s had very successful collaborations with big guns like Sarauta, Nambawan, Showbowy, and others. Cypid has had positive impact on many other talents of the likes of Xhikolo, Chriss Berry, and Onli MC.

In the photo below, it’s very clear that someone does not like Cypid. It’s unfortunate his identity cannot be told but why that demeanor? The look on his face says it all and believe me, this guy, surely, is an enemy of Cypid. Just see the photo yourself and tell me the meaning of that look on the face of the guy on the left.

See the look on the face of the guy on the left.

Maybe, I just got it all wrong but my argument is compelling enough to make a point. Ah well, let’s hear what you think about this in the comments. Stick around for more.

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