the president addresses the nation

In his recent address of the nation on the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana, President Akuffo Addo outlined a strategic phasing out of restrictions in the country in order for life to return to normalcy for Ghanaians.

With regard to education, the president announced that final year students of Junior High School, Senior High School and universities will resume to prepare for their exit exams. The university students are to resume on the 15th of June, 2020. The Senior High School students will resume on the 22nd of June. The Gold Track students are to also resume with the final year students to make up for the lost time they had suffered. Final year Junior High School pupils will resume on the 29th of June, 2020. Teachers, students, and non-teaching staff will be provided with reusable face masks by the Ministry of Education. All other educational institutions still remain closed.

On religious activities, churches and mosques can resume worship starting on Friday, June 5th for mosques, Saturday, June 6th for the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and 7th June for the majority of churches. However, the president warned that serious measures must be put in place in addition to observing the outlined protocols of maintaining at least one-meter social distancing, wearing nose masks, using hand sanitizers, and making available soap and running water for worshippers. The number of worshippers that can congregate at a time is limited to 100. This number should be scaled down to a lower one that is proportionate to the size of the place of worship. Churches that do not follow the instructions given will be banned and sanctioned.

Still on religious activities, large events such as crusades and conventions are not allowed. Churches and mosques must be fumigated before use.

Other gatherings such as funerals remain banned. Burials, however, can take place with a limited number of persons. Contact sports still remains banned.

Political Rallies are not allowed.

Restaurants can operate but must observe the safety protocols.

Night clubs, drinking spots, and the likes remain closed.

Air, land, and sea borders still remain closed. However, a special dispensation plan will be put in place to evacuate Ghanaians stranded in foreign countries to return home.

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