An Islamic Cleric Asked Pastors This Simple Question.

    in a video sighted by on social media, an Islamic Cleric poses a very difficult question to pastors and that he will become a Christian if any pastor is able to answer his question.

    The question the Cleric asks dwells on the Bible as the true word of God as believed by Christians.

    The Cleric’s question is simple. He wants to know where in the Bible one can find the word “Bible”. According to him, the word “Bible” is never mentioned in the Bible and this is proof that the Bible cannot be the word of God.

    Perhaps, God should have mentioned the “Bible” in the Bible as his word as Allah had done in the Qur’an. He adds that the “Qur’an” is mentioned several many times in the Qur’an as the word of Allah.

    Watch the videos below for the details.

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